AlfaBusinessGroup (ABG) — a group of companies whose business based on:

  • Logistics and delivery.

However, the interests of the group lies outside the listed areas. Developing core activities, we pay attention to other areas. Such as:

  • Investments in IT projects;
  • Consulting in the field of international business.

The main thing that characterizes us and what we seek — it is tracking key global trends and economic factors in business development.

History of the Company

2008 — 2009 — the period of the global economic crisis, the company has chosen strategy of active growth, which has allowed surviving and increasing turnover. Signed a partnership agreement with international advertising agencies, giving access to new markets.

2010 — Major clients — Axel Springer Russia, GAZel, Yaposha

2011 — Start of advertising signes and constructions production. Contracts have been signed with major retailers — «Lenta» and «Leroy Merlin».

2012 — Logistics displayed in a separate business unit — logistics company United Transport Operator (UTO). Specialization — international transport by road and rail transportation in Russia.

2013 — Investments in IT projects has become a separate direction of ABG. The project Pharma have been launched. Opens own house production of advertising constructions, metal constructionsand trade furniture.

2014 — ABG new direction of activity — construction services. Membership in public organizations such as the «Business Russia» and «Union of Young Builders» has become an essential part of the work. Obtaining ISO certification and joining the SRO.

2015 — Opening of the office in Lithuania, Vilnius. Main office tasks — working with European customers of ABG. Successfully implemented and sold Pharma project. Strengthening the construction unit of the company — sucsessful construction projects in Kaluga and Kemerovo.

2016 — Announced as a year of new opportunities. According to the difficult situation in Russia, company is looking for new markets and concentrating its forces on getting foreign customers. UTO Company entered into an international logistics associations IFLN, FIATA and EPCA. The construction division of group companies, performed construction works in the area of more than 20 000 square meters.

Mission Alpha Business Group

Making the world happier and more modern by the quality services and products.

In its work, and to make a decision, AlfaBusinessGroup based on the following values that unite us:


We set clear goals and objectives, are open to criticism and praise, we are honest in dealing with clients, colleagues and ourselves. Openness allows us to learn new things and move forward!

Ready for the new

We are constantly developing and strive for the quality and positive changes. We accept new things (ideas) and we understand that only the changes will help us make the world a better place!


It is important constantly interact, share our positive attitude and support each other. We are united by our smiles!